Thursday, March 6, 2008

Abuse is not always physical

A woman confided as follows: I dread going home after work and I don't look forward to weekends either. I would sit in my parked car for as long as half an hour trying to build the courage to enter my own home. It had been months since I last slept well as I would be roused out of sleep by a screaming drunk blaming me for the way he feels. He would scream so loudly and so close that I can feel his saliva spraying on my face. Each night, the screaming seems louder and there's less space between our faces. He's closing in on me and his face appears angrier each night. I don't even recognize the face of the man I married when he's angry and drunk. Arguments have progressed from belittling statements delivered in a loud voice to name calling and repeated cursing. This would happen every night, his distance from me so calculated that his gestures and pointed finger stops within an inch, between my eyes.
If you ask him to stop and he doesn't, or his actions repeat, you may both be caught in a cycle of violence. Seek for help before it escalates. Emotional abuse can escalate to physical abuse. Act promptly and the life you save may be your own.

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