Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are you feeling uncomfortable at home?

Many women believe that they enter into a relationship with eyes wide open. Many more believe that they married Mr. Right. After the honeymoon and as the weeks progress into months, couples face day to day challenges that can rock the most solid of relationships. You both thought you were alike. So why do you disagree? Why do you take on matters in your own hands when you agreed to resolve matters as a team? Do you not get along after all?

Marriage requires work and work seems lighter if based on a foundation of respect and commitment. Work or tasks can be completed efficiently if couples communicate. Communication should come easy if the relationship were based of a foundation know the words: respect and commitment.

Are you asking yourself: If I love my spouse and am committed to making our marriage work, why am I not succeeding?

If you have advise for a lady in distress, post your advise and suggestions. You just might make someone smile today.

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